What is Stone Defi

  • Stone Protocol is the only yield management protocol focused on creating ‘Rock Solid Yield’ for all users in the DeFi ecosystem.

  • The focus is developing innovative asset pools that maximizes return while keeping liquidity provider capital as safe and secure as possible. In doing so, we aim to create a robust passive income platform to meet the needs of the DeFi industry.

  • Stone is positioned as an anchor yield aggregation platform, and will eventually evolve to become a cross-chain asset aggregation and yield marketplace with the inclusion of multi-chain Proof of Stake (“POS”) assets such as Eth2.0 and Polkadot.

  • With the inclusion of yield-bearing assets introduced by Stone, we will further create yield-based derivatives such as ‘Risk Optimized’ Yield indices and other derivatives.

STONE Opportunities

Anchoring a $200bn global yield market

DeFi Marketplace on Ethereum

US$ 23.32 bn


Yield-bearing structured products

US$? bn

PoS Staking Marketplace

Staking Market Cap

US$ 220.44 bn

  • Ethereum 2.0


    US$ 139.34 bn Market Cap

  • Polkadot


    US$ 15.89 bn Market Cap

STONE brings in new assets, new strategies and new products


  • arrington
  • Signum capital
  • rockx
  • Ruby Capital
  • ankr
  • Stafi
  • ramp
  • trg
  • hillrise capital
  • nabaiscapital
  • dealean
  • paka
  • hronos
  • long
  • ybb
  • block dream fund
  • gfs
  • dfg
  • bella
  • hyperchain

Stone will be built on Ethereum and then Substrate to deliver the best value for users

Most secure yield aggregation Protocol
First yield aggregation protocol with liquid staking farming strategy, e.g. ETH, Polkadot etc
On Ethereum
Proof of concept for first index on Substrate
First global cross-asset yield marketplace with innovative products
On Substrate
Link/Migration to Substrate

STONE Roadmap

Q1 2021

  • Alpha launch of Stone yield aggregation platform with stable coin vaults
  • Alpha launch of Stone ETH2.0 staking assets aggregation platform with liquidity aggregation
  • Development of Stone yield aggregation platform with composability of other DeFi tokens
  • Beta launch of the Stone yield aggregation platform with multi assets in the DeFi market
  • TGE & Exchange Listing
  • Alpha phase of liquidity mining program

Q2 2021

  • Launch of sDOT to unlock the liquidity of staked DOTs
  • Launch of other liquid staked assets on Oasis, Solana and others
  • Alpha launch of Stone ETH2.0 staking assets aggregation platform with lending marketplace
  • Development of Stone staking assets aggregation platform with other POS chains

Q3 2021

  • Launch of index product on Substrate
  • Launch of interest swap/tranche product with partners

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